An Acrylic Floor Safety Shield standing firmly on the ground.An Acrylic Floor Safety Shield standing firmly on the ground.
Product Code: TCECS202

COVID Shield - Acrylic Floor Safety Shields

Total Concept’s Acrylic Floor Safety Shield is built to stand firmly on the ground. These multi-use shields will help to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in your office. Scroll down for details regarding customization and purchasing options.

The Acrylic Floor Safety Shield can act as a safety barrier between you and whoever is sitting across from you. Unlike the Acrylic Desktop Safety Shield, the Acrylic Floor Safety Shield is not meant to sit on a desk. The Acrylic Floor Safety Shield can create a barrier that can help to keep you and your co-workers safe and help to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

These acrylic shields can be used at desks, tables, or in any area where people may have to sit close together.

The legs of the shields come with tube bending that allows them to stand firmly in place. You will not have to worry about your acrylic shield wobbling or moving. This useful and versatile shield will help ensure that you and your co-workers can continue to work face-to-face.

There are variations on the standard size you can order online. You can choose between nonstandard and standard leg color, the thickness of the acrylic, and whether the acrylic shield comes with a tint. The custom design options allow you to adjust the Acrylic Floor Safety Shield to fit your and your co-workers’ specific needs. We are happy to discuss the various available options for customization over the phone. See below for the full list of custom design options and prices!

To ensure that your new Acrylic Floor Safety Shield remains spotless, our white-glove installation process is included on custom projects. Our aim here at Total Concept Enterprises, Inc. is to provide our customers with the best products and services. We make it our top priority to help you meet your office safety needs, whatever they may be. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the appropriate solution. Give us a call at (559) 485-8413 for a free quote on your fully customized office projects. We will get started on a quote right away!

Options we can discuss on the phone:

  • Standard 3/16” thickness +$0.00 (thicker than what you will get at big box stores)
  • Standard Leg Colors +$0.00 (natural or black)
  • Nonstandard leg Colors + $50.00 (Max 3 feet of support)
  • Wheels +$50.00
  • Tinted glass Acrylic / Opaque PVC +$70.00
  • Slots +$35.00 each